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Negril: There is something for everyone to shout about.

I have often come across articles about places that are so sugary that they are untrue, literally. I don-t like to be hoodwinked into thinking a place is absolutely perfect when I know full well it’s not. take Negril in Jamaica for instance, you can ask 100 people about Negril and the greater majority of tourists will tell you it is a wonderful place to go for a vacation, some will not be too enamoured with Negril, for a variety of reasons. One of the most often used complaints about anywhere you go on a vacation is that it is noisy or crowded, well, if somewhere is truly popular then it will be both of those things, people will go to popular destinations.

Negril is one such place that is all things to all people, some will be delighted with the fantastic beaches, the Negril lighthouse, the accommodation in boutique resorts such as Villas Sur Mer at Negril’s West End and the beautiful Caribbean sunsets. Some, the younger set, they will rave about Rick’s café, the music, jumping off the cliffs and other such things, they are bound too. I found an excellent article about Negril entitled “The two sides of Negril” by James Henderson who likens Negril to a paradox and I suppose, he may have a point.

Check out this great article from the online version of the Telegraph and you may get some idea of what I am trying to point out, if you have visited Negril in Jamaica then I would love to hear your version and see any photographs you have. Enjoy the article: The Two Sides of Negril.