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I have written on this Blog about Negril and Villas Sur Mer boutique resort, I have also written about one of the most favourite hang outs, Rick’s Café on the Negril Cliffs, I have also written about people diving off these cliffs into the Caribbean sea. Some do it because they are good divers or swimmers and fancy a quick dip in the Caribbean, some do it as a dare and some because they have one too many Rum and Cokes for lunch but whatever the reasons, people seem to enjoy jumping off cliffs at Negril.

Lemmings throw themselves off the cliffs, they do it because it is in their nature to do so, to find new breeding grounds and food supply but there are no such problems at Negril? There is plenty of food and space and if you require a habitat then Villas Sur Mer can oblige, so, why do these people throw themselves off the Negril cliffs? Perhaps they are just plain daft? Enjoy the video.