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Jamaica Villas

Relax, booking a villa is easy.

How does one go about booking a Villa or cottage at Villas Sur Mer?” This is a question often asked, mostly by people who are not Internet savvy. My answer is always the same “It’s very simple and takes a minute or so.” and it does. There is a bookings page where you will find the online reservations form and it is a simple matter of filling this in. If this courses you any difficulty then our staff will be delighted to help you out.

The fill in form is easy and straightforward enough, its just a matter of having your possible arrivals and departure dates and your choice of rooms or cottages, that is more or less it, there is also a box for you to put your own comments or ask a question. One click of the mouse and your done.

Here is the link: Villas Sur Mer Reservation Form