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Jamaica Destination Weddings

Destination weddings and Honeymoons at Negril in Jamaica

Have you ever wondered what a boutique resort is? No, its not a holiday home for retired dressmakers or fashion designers. A boutique resort is a resort that offers the very same standard of service but on a smaller, more intimate scale. Villas Sur Mer is a boutique resort and a very good one at that.

Sandals is probably the best known of the major holiday resorts in Jamaica, they are large and can cater for hundreds, not just 10 or twenty, they have huge facilities and a staff to match but boutique resorts, such as Villas Sur Mer can match sandals in quality and efficiency of service, its just size that is the difference and if size does not matter then Villas Sur Mer at Negril is the ideal Jamaica resort for you.

Check out the main website and see what lovely villas and facilities they have. Villas Sur Mer