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Destination weddings to Jamaica

Sme people just like to things their own way.

It is always nice to see Jamaica being mentioned in the media and even nicer still when they mention beautiful Negril. I was trawling the Internet when I came across a delightful story from an online publication USA Today

This very well written and very informative article listed some of the best places for holding your destination wedding (for those not au fait with the term, a destination wedding is a wedding held in some location other than your own local church or registry office, people go en masse to some far flung location, such as Jamaica and hold their nuptials there, a holiday and wedding all in one) and Negril gets more than a mention.

Some of the suggestions are cool, some are daft, for example, getting married on the beach at Montego Bay, that’s cool, doing it 700ft up on a Zip Line through the jungle canopy, well, that is plain daft but some people do it. Other places mentioned are the Blue Mountains and of course, Negril itself, home of Villas Sur Mer.

The article goes on to suggest some of the coolest things to do whilst on vacation / honeymoon in Jamaica and it is worth your while taking a look, especially if you are thing of holding your wedding in Jamaica.