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It would only be  a matter of time before it reached my attention but now that it has, I am a fully fledged ‘Pinterest’ user. What is Pinterest? It is like a simplified version of Face Book and a faster version of Twitter and to put it in a nutshell, it is like an online version of your own fridge door, some place where you stick photographs of the kids, pictures they have drawn, recipes, ideas, to do lists, holiday snaps etc, the only thing you can’t put on is a magnet.

Pinterest posting

Fridge door or Pinterest? Same thing really.

Pinterest accounts are easy to set up, you can do so using Twitter, facebook, Google+, email or others, it takes a minute to do and then your ready to post away to your hearts content. Simple to set up and use, you can make a Pinterest board for anything at all, I for example, have a Pinterest board for Villas Sur Mer and Jamaica, I have psoted photographs of the seaside villas and chalets, wedding photographs, items about places like Rick’s Café and more. You can do the same in a flash.

You can also search Pinterest for other sites that share your ideas or interest and you can swap ideas as well, it really is a useful tool and a nice way to pass an hour or two. Take a look and see what you can do, if you have any photographs to share with us then please post on our board. http://www.pinterest.com/robbiedoyle3150/jamaica-villas/