Jamaica Destination Weddings

Destination weddings and Honeymoons at Negril in Jamaica: If you have good news, spread it.

I’ve not added to the Blog for a couple of weeks as I have been mad busy with the social media sites, such as face book, Snip.ly and Pinterest to name but a few. Social media sites are used for people like me to promote clients websites or a location or a cause and can be very useful tools.

If I had to pick my favourite, I would say it is Pinterest as it is easy to use and looks very good, you also don’t get much spam posters either. Its really easy, you set up a Pinterest account using your email or facebook account and start pinning articles, photographs, videos and more onto your page. Other Pinterest users will pin your photos etc to their pages and so the news spreads, if you post enough, you gather a good size following and soon you are spreading the word to all the world.

I have 2 Pinterest sites http://www.pinterest.com/andaluciap/  and http://www.pinterest.com/robbiedoyle3150/ In hope you will join me on Pinterest and lets start to spread the word.