Dolphin Cove, Jamaica. A ‘Must see’ attraction.

Tourist attractions to Jamaica: Which is the best? Good question and I don’t have a good answer to that question. It all rather depends on what you are looking for in your Jamaica holiday. For example; I like music and history, so for me a day out on a zip line, thundering through the jungle canopy at umpteen miles per hour would not be as interesting as a trip to Negril Lighthouse or a visit to one of the old plantation houses or museums. Other people, they like to go fishing, diving, both even, some like photography and will be delighted at the splendid flora and fauna that makes Jamaica such a beautiful place.

There are, of course, family attractions, such as Dolphin Cove, you can get up close and personal with the Dolphins, you can even get in with some Sharks as well if you like, its your choice.

I found, whilst mooching about the Internet, an excellent site that lists the top 16 tourist attraction in Jamaica and gives an in depth description, it is an excellent site to gather up your information before you get to your holiday villa in Negril, you’ll know just where to visit. Check out this link.