How marketing works: Subjectively the glass is either half full or, half empty, Objectively, the glass is neither half full nor half empty but to a marketing manager this is a fantastic glass that can be yours if you book now!

The great thing about modern technology is the amount of information that is readily available at the touch of a button. If, like me, you remember when having a colour TV set was the biggest invention you could ever have imagined, you will realise how far we have come in terms of technology in the media and digital information world.

Imagine, trying to tell todays 11 year olds stories about your own youth? How you would have to write a letter, walk to a post box, post it and then wait a week to find out what the recipient thought about your scribbling? If you wanted to show your friends what a wonderful vacation you had, you would have to take a photo (if you had a camera) and then get it developed, post it and then wait another week, not just raise your phone, click to photo, click to send and email the photo, what takes a minute today took a fortnight in 1972. Do you think they would have any idea what that would have been like? I don’t think they would.

The same can be said for booking an hotel or a vacation. In 1970 it really was a big deal to find an hotel and get yourself booked in, provided of course, you could find the right hotel in the right area, after all, the only guides you had were adverts in newspapers and magazines and the good old Yellow Pages and very rarely would you have more than a small, grainy, photograph to go by and so you really did take pot luck.

Going to a trendy new travel agent on the high street was your best bet but even they had to go on catalogue information and photographs, this was little better than what you could do yourself only they made the phone calls. There was red tape, questions galore and the trip to the high street. Now, that is all different.

Now, if I want to book an hotel, anywhere in the world, I just go online, find the hotel using any number of search engines and websites, tap in my card details and that is that; Or is it?

The trouble with today, as opposed to 45 years ago is: Today you have too much information as opposed to having too little information and one is as equally bad as the other. Let me explain.

In the 1970’s you booked your vacation or hotel and hoped that what little information you had gleaned from the advert or catalogue was good, honest information, unbiased and current. Today, with so much information, you wonder if you are getting the hard sell, you are bombarded with photographs from all angles, videos, Tweets, Social Media and “recommendations”  from sites promoting the resort or hotel. Again, you are stuck with the same problem.

So, what is the answer?

The answer, as I see it, is to talk to a human being, contact people directly, that way, you have a person vouching for the information you are receiving, it isn’t anonymous, hidden behind a avatar or pseudonym, it is a voice on the phone or a name of a person from the company website. This is the great thing about you are in contact with real people who offer you the current information for any hotel, resort or destination you choose to visit, you can speak with them by phone, by text, by email, by snail mail and by Skype before you book your vacation and then make your own, well informed decision.

If you are thinking about visiting Jamaica, don’t leave it to chance, don’t think that going onto Travel Guide and reading down the recommendations will give you a clear idea of what you will actually get, these things are easily manipulated and are also subjective, what one person likes another person may not, so, the opinion of one can quite easily influence the decision of another, rightly or wrongly, try to be objective and get the facts from the main source.

At Villas Sur Mer in Negril, we are happy to supply you with the information you want, even if it is the colour of the walls in the seaside villas, what the name of the gardener is or where the nearest restaurant is, our staff have names that you can always refer back to should you have an issue and we stand on our reputation as the top boutique resort in Jamaica. Try us and you will have a fantastic vacation, destination wedding, honeymoon or family reunion.