Why visit Jamaica when the Carnival is going on? Have a guess?

I know, its not 2015 yet, not even close, so why am I posting about the Jamaica Carnival 2015? I’ll tell you, shall I? (Please do!)

Its like this; If you were to book your 2015 vacation to Jamaica and were to stay at the Villas Sur Mer boutique resort at Negril, you would want to know when all the good stuff was happening, wouldn’t you? After all, I, myself, like to time my holidays to foreign parts to coincide with main events, such as Fiestas in Spain or Italy, football tournaments (often to avoid being there when they are taking place!) or religious events and so on. In which case, If I were to be going to Jamaica, I’m sure I would want to be there when Carnival was going on, wouldn’t you?

So, I’m here to give you a few hints and tips to help you time your vacation or destination wedding to coincide with the Carnival. Now, there is a delightful website that explains, far better than I could, what the Carnival is about, when its starts, finishes and the best places to be when it is all going on.

Strangely named Carnfest.com this is a website with the information you need to get to the main events and making sure that your Jamaica villa is booked so as not to miss out on anything. There is no need to thank me, I will sleep tight in the knowledge that I have helped a weary traveller.