Destination weddings jamaica 2018

Taking the plunge in every sense of the word at Negril in Jamaica

I know, I’ve rambled on before about destination weddings to Jamaica but I have reason for going back over this topic. As you would know, I’m always “mooching” about the Internet looking for great and interesting stuff about Jamaica, Negril and Villas Sur Mer to add to this Blog of mine and today, I think I struck gold.

Not only have I found a great source of photographs for my Pinterest pages but I have also found YOU a great photographic site where you can see both a destination wedding AND Villas Sur Mer at the same time.

The website I found is called Bridal Affair Destinations and it is a very beautiful weddings website that you really should visit, especially if you are thinking of a destination wedding and honeymoon, after all, what is the point of going all the way to Jamaica and then naffing up the whole event with an average set of photographs?

Get yourself a great photographer for that special day in 2018 and check out a really special location, you know where I’m going to recommend, don’t you? (No! really? Ok, Villas Sur Mer is what I was going to say)