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Life is one big beach.

I was asked by some bright spark as to why I do not really do reviews on this Blog? There is a simple answer to that: I have never been everywhere in Jamaica!

To do a review on Jamaica and Jamaica villas one would have to have first hand knowledge of all the places you were reviewing, that seems fair, don’t you think? After all, what would be the point of me telling you about Seven Mile Beach in Negril if I had never been there? A review should be first hand, genuine knowledge, not something you have ripped off from the Internet travel pages, after all, the piece you rip off may have been a piece by some charlatan who has never been further than his own front door. So, that is why I don’t do reviews. However!

I do come across reviews from genuine websites and I also cross reference these reviews with reviews on other sites, so, we get a real picture of what this place or that is truly like. here is one such example: USA News and World ReportĀ has done an article on Seven Mile Beach which, as you know, is at lovely Negril in Jamaica.

The article is small but to the point! In a couple of paragraphs you know what is what, no fuss, no bother and well worth taking the 30 seconds or so to read it. There are also some other articles about Jamaica that you will enjoy, so, off you go and take a peek, and, if you would like to submit your own article on sunny Negril, post it to me and I’ll add it to this Blog.