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negril beach babe

OK, Can you describe how it is?

They say a picture paints a thousand words and to some extent, this has to be true. Have you ever tried to sit down and describe something or somewhere in such a fashion as to truly represent what you saw, smelt, tasted and heard? I have and it isn’t easy at all, in fact, I believe it to be impossible.

Trying to describe what Villas Sur Mer is really like is very hard, you can tell people that the views of the Caribbean sea are fantastic, you can rant about the truly amazing and romantic sunsets or even try describing the feeling of walking off the sands at Seven mile beach, into a crystal clear Caribbean sea; You would be on a hiding to nothing.

So, how do I, as a Blogger, describe to you what a vacation at Negril in Jamaica would be like? I can’t but I can show you what it could be like for you, I can show you the places other people have been to, such as Rick’s Café, The Blue Lagoon, Dolphin park, Negril Lighthouse and many more places of interest but more to the point, I can show you what to expect when you book a villa or seaside cottage at Negril boutique resort Villas Sur Mer.

Check out the galleries of the cottages and villas at Negril and then browse through the website and see what kind of vacation you could be having, you can contact the Villas Sur Mer staff directly with any questions you have. Go on, check it out and if you can put it into words, I for one would love to read what you have written.