It doesn’t get any more authentic than this!

I posted a piece on this Blog about Jamaican cuisine and how diverse it is, I also sang the praises of my favourite Caribbean food; Jerk Chicken! Well, I couldn’t just leave things dangling in the air, I decided I would find you a Jerk Chicken recipe that would have your taste buds tingling and you tongue throbbing with utter delight.

I have whipped this recipe for Jerk Chicken off the Visit Jamaica website as it more or less looks like the type of recipe I use myself (although I add extra Scotch Bonnet chillies!!!!) and so I would like you to have a go at making this most delightful of all Jamaican dishes. Go on, go for it!

This way of cooking has invaded restaurants and cafés worldwide, adding a hint of Jamaica to cocktail parties and backyard cookouts. Just about any meat can be “jerked,” but the real secret is in the marinade, a truly Jamaican blend of spices and seasonings.

1 dash of ground nutmeg

1 dash of mace

1 pinch of salt

1 pinch of black pepper

2 tsps. ground Jamaican pimento

2 cups of chopped green onions

2 onions

2 hot Scotch Bonnet peppers

2 tbsp vegetable oil

Finely chop onions, peppers, and green onions. Blend all ingredients (preferably in a blender or food processor), pour mixture on chicken, pork, fish or beef and let marinate overnight (or at least for two hours). Grill meat slowly over hot coals until cooked. Yields 12 servings.