There are some silly names for websites, the more I trawl the Internet looking for items of interest, stuff about the Caribbean and in particular, Jamaica, Negril and Villas Sur Mer, the more daft names I come across.

I saw one website called “Keep it Jiggy” and, half expecting it to be a site for traditional Irish folk dancing or something of a similar ilk, I too a quick look and viola! It turns out to be a little gem of a website for information on events in Jamaica for 2014 / 2015. Excellent stuff.

There are all sorts of things happening all over Jamaica, from Gospel music, to soul music, from food festivals to beer festivals, really, all sorts of interesting events that any tourist would love to go and see. Take a look at the website www.keepitjiggy.com and see what you might miss, if your not careful that is.