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Jumping off the cliffs at Negril in Jamaica

I don’t suppose anyone has a neutral view of Jamaica, it seems to me to be a country that inspires people to say very nice things about it, Jamaica seems to be one of those places that you regard as “quaint” a bit like Belgium in a way, nobody really has a bad thing to say about it, in general terms that is.

Ireland is on a parallel with Jamaica in people perceptions, after all, when you think of a country that oozes “welcome”, a country you would readily support in a sporting competition if your own team wasn’t playing, you know, like the guy in the pub that gets along with everyone else, that to me, is Jamaica.

Lonely Planet has an excellent article for you to read, all about Jamaica, its more of a synopsis than an article, OK, its advertising Jamaica and things to do in Jamaica but all said and done, that’s what I’m doing, isn’t it? I’m pointing you to Negril in particular and Villas Sur Mer, well, this article is doing pretty much the same stuff but it really is worth the read and there are some excellent links to click through.

Go on, give it a go. Lonely Planet Jamaica.