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My record collection is a little way behind the times

I’m not cool and trendy, not by any stretch of the imagination could I ever bee accused of being one of the “In crowd” I don’t have a weird hair do, in fact, my hair cut or should I say my lack of a hair cut dates back to the sixties, I have hair down to my waste, that’s not uncommon, you might say but then again, I am a fella.
I don’t listen to chart music and I haven’t done so for may years as my taste in music involves people actually being able to sing, play instruments and write their own music and not some bunch of put-together-wannabe’s who do nothing but irritate with every false squeal and “iffy” dance routine. I’m a blues / Rock guy, I love the Eagles, Stones, ZZ Top, Elvis, Bob Marley, UB40 but I also love the sound of the Platters, Ink Spots, Nat King Cole, Roy Orbison and more. So, what am I waffling on about music for?

AS I do, I have been trawling through the Internet looking for interesting articles on Jamaica and I happened upon on of my favourite sites, The Jamaica Observer and on there is an excellent article, very interesting to a old fogey like me all about UK Based Jamaica artists who fail to get recognition in Jamaica for their work, even though they have made great achievements in their country of residence (UK) and the reasons for this.

If you are onto R&B (We used to call Rhythm and Blues “R&B” so what does it stand for now then?) Reggae, soul music et al you may just like to read this excellent article to pass a minute or two. Jamaica Observer