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Twitter pages

Twitter pages come in all types of design.

Twitter, there are millions of people all over the world that use twitter, it has become part of our lives, even the News Channels such as Sky News and the BBC use twitter in their reports. Recently, at the trial of Oscar Pistorius in South Africa Sky reporters used Twitter tweets to update us on what the judge and the barristers were saying, it was the ideal tool to use when the reporters could not speak.

Twitter can be used for may things but mainly it is used in its social capacity, to send personal messages, photographs, gossip and more. The businesses have tried to hijack Twitter, as they do with all forms of social media, such as chat rooms, Blogs, face book pages etc. The marketing people soon realised that Twitter had a massive audience and they could highlight their products and services on there.

Does advertising on Twitter work? Does placing your product in with a message of 140 characters really get the point across to the clients that you are trying to attract? I don’t believe they do but I believe it is a great way of spreading the news about a particular location or destination.

Take Villas Sur Mer for example: Villas Sur Mer is located in Negril on the western most point of the island of Jamaica and they are a boutique resort that offers destination weddings, honeymoons, reunions and of course, vacations.

There is plenty to see and do in Negril and Jamaica as a whole, so, Tweeting pictures and videos of Negril would, indirectly help Villas Sur Mer by attracting interest to that part of Jamaica. For example; Rick’s CafĂ© and the madmen (and mad ladies) that leap from the cliffs into the Caribbean sea would attract interest as would the beautiful Negril Lighthouse and 7 mile beach.

Connecting to other businesses in Negril and Jamaica is also a great thing, often, some businesses are suppliers to others and so on. I would like to hear what people have to say about Twitter and about linking to each other. Link to us, we always link back @VillasSurMer