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I’ve been around updating the adverts I make for Villas Sur Mer on the Internet. Some of them are quite simple to make, others are not so straight forward and require a lot of patience. Some though, like the adverts and pictures on the Pinterest Page are quite fun to do.

For those of you who have never used Pinterest or don’t know what it is about, allow me to enlighten you: Pinterest is a social media website that you “Pin” photographs, videos and articles to, like a board or a fridge, you stick photos, notes and all sorts to them, well, Pinterest is exactly the same. Pinterest is easier than using face Book and a bit more interesting and less political than Twitter or other such-like boards.

You check it out, you never know, you just might like it, if so, then you will need to watch your step, it can become quite addictive but very useful. http://www.pinterest.com/robbiedoyle3150/jamaica-villas/