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Earthcam shots of Rick’s café at Negril in Jamaica

What is a webcam? (As if we didn’t know that but to be certain a webcam is a web camera, a camera used over the Internet for still and moving images) A webcam is a fantastic tool that enables us to do so many things over the Internet that would take us a long time to describe in text.

As luck would have it, I have found a great site that hosts webcams for Negril in Jamaica, you can actually see “as-it-happens” footage of what is going on in Negril, in laces like Rick’s Café for instance Rick’s café Webcam and there is also a really cool interactive panoramic view that you control to look around the cliffs at Negril.

You’ll be able to check out Ricks Café and the cliffs before you book with Villas Sur Mer and see what the place is like. Very cool site.