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Jamaica Villas Blog

Jamaica Villas Blog on Wix

I have been busy with another Blog for Jamaica Villas and Sur Mer but this time I have built it using WIX websites. At first I thought that it would be tricky as I have used other website builders before but I was surprised.

My Jamaica Villas Wix.com website was very easy to build and there is a ready made Blog template that gives you some excellent looking Blog posts and the media insert is a piece of cake to use.

The other great thing about building the site using Wix is that I got the url http://doyl62.wix.com/jamaicavillas which is a great help when it somes to people looking for their Jamaica Villas holiday on Google.

There are grid lines that really help when it comes to positioning pictures, videos and the many apps that are available. I would give it a try, if you want a quick website with a decent Blog and lots of apps. Say I sent you.