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Snakes in Jamaica

Jamaican Boa

Jamaican Boa

There are 7 snake species on the island, and none of them are venomous, so no snake on Jamaica can harm you. This snake lives in trees and warms up on rocks in the morning. It is active at night and eats lizards, frogs, and introduced rodents on Jamaica. There is one type of crocodile on the island.

There are other interesting reptiles and animals native to Jamaica and it is always a good idea to find out what you might see on your Jamaica Villas holiday to Negril. Although this snake looks frightening, he really isn’t such a bad guy.

Always have your camera to hand as you never know what may appear and we wouldn’t want you to miss anything. Spiders are also no problem although you might get some fly biting you here and there. There are lots of little lizards, Geko’s  mainly and these take care of the flies and other insects. Check out this link.