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Jamaica Villas on Pinterest Boards

jamaica Villas

Villas Sur Mer in Negril, Jamaica

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a Social Media website that allows you to ‘Pin’ photographs and videos onto its web pages, it allows you to create groups that interest you and other people, you can swop photographs and videos as well as adding links to your own pages, descriptions and locations.

Pinterest is excellent if you are interested in travel or run a business that is involved in the travel industry, like Villas Sur Mer, for instance. Villas Sur Mer is on the westernmost tip of the island of Jamaica and is a very beautiful place and as we all know, a picture paints a thousand words and that is why Pinterest is so important.

I’m no Oscar Wilde or Ernest Hemingway and I doubt my scribbling would cause any panic in the literary world so a beautiful picture will sum up what I would take an age to try and describe with any great accuracy.

How do you describe a Jamaica sunset to someone who hasn’t been to Jamaica? How best would you encourage someone to try Jerk Food who has never tasted it? Pictures do so much for us that is why I find Pinterest such a valuable tool for getting the message across that Jamaica is a wonderful and diverse place for a vacation.

Starting up your own Pinterest board is easy, just go to www.pinterest.com, create an account with username and password and start pinning the photos and videos that interest you. If you have been to Villas Sur Mer in Negril or you have had a vacation in Jamaica, I would love to see your pins and I would be happy to link back to your Jamaica related Pinterest boards.

Check out my Pinterest boards for Jamaica Villas, Jamaica destination weddings and vacations, please add me to your own boards as well. https://www.pinterest.com/jamaicavillas4u/