Jamaica Villas at Negril

Jamaica Villas from Villas Sur Mer

I haven’t posted anything on this Blog for a few months but I have a good reason for not doing so.

Villas Sur Mer have revamped the Jamaica Villas website and have given it a more modern and colourful look and, I think you will agree, it really looks smart and is very easy to navigate.

Villas Sur Mer are a well established company in Negril who offer a fantastic boutique resort that offers clients all the comforts and services of a larger resort but with a more intimate feel, you get the same quality of service, so in this case, size does noit matter.

If I can revisit what Villas Sur Mer offers, it would refresh the memories of readers who follow this Blog and will inform new visitors.

Villas Sur Mer is a boutique resort located at Negril on the westernmost tip of the Caribbean island of Jamaica.

Villas Sur Mer is a fantastic place for a vacation for the family or for a couple, it also offers the best destination weddings and honeymoons and with staff who are trained and qualified in hosting destination weddings and all other forms of private and business events.

One of the more favoured events hosted at Villas Sur Mer are Jamaica family reunions. You can gather the clan all in one beautiful place and have a vacation to remember.

Check out the Villas Sur Mer website and you will see what is on offer, after all, your vacation is something to be treasured, so, go stay with the best.