Floyd’s Pelican Bar – The most popular pin on my Jamaica Villas Pinterest board – Why?

Floyd's Pelican Bar in Jamaica

Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica. A Caribbean des Res.

I must say that I was surprised, pleasantly, of course, when I checked the stats on my Pinterest Board for Jamaica Villas.

This month, the “pin” or the pictures that I have “pinned” to the Pinterest page, a nice photograph of Floyd’s Pelican Bar on the south coast of Jamaica, has been hit 1343 times, the next most popular Jamaica Villas pin is Negril Lighthouse with 407 hits?

What does this tell us?

Well; Anyone that has been to Jamaica will have visited Floyd’s Pelican Bar, its a sort of “must see” to believe it sort of site.

If you have never been to Jamaica or never visited the Pelican Bar then check out the photo at the top of this page.

The Pelican Bar is basically a pile of driftwood that has been nailed, screwed, bolted, glued and strung together on stilts in the Caribbean Sea, a few hundred yards off the south coast of Jamaica.

You can get something to eat and drink there and there is definitely no problems with air conditioning; Its sort of natural, you might say.

People from all over the world have photographed the bar and, it can be argued, that it is probably the most photographed tourist attraction in Jamaica with Bob Marley’s house and museum the possible other contender.

 Floyd’s Pelican Bar

So popular is Floyd’s Bar, it was once blown away by Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and as a result, the local businesses suffered, so much so, they all clubbed together to have it rebuilt and, so it came to pass, you can still visit the bar to this day.

The Pelican Bar is about a mile from shore, you can get there in a boat and it takes about 10 minutes or so, not long, mind you, you would have a problem trying to walk home, after a few of them Jamaican rum drinks he serves up.

If you want to go somewhere that really is “different” then Floyd’s place is the place to be seen. I do hope you enjoy yourself. Check this site out Love This City: Floyd’s Pelican Bar, Jamaica.