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Sandals to Open Overwater Bungalow Suites in Jamaica – Very nice too!

Sandals to Open Overwater Bungalow Suites in Jamaica

Sandals to Open Overwater Bungalow Suites in Jamaica.

Just because Sandals, Jamaica, is a competitor for the same clients that we at Villas Sur Mer are trying to attract, does not mean we would ignore such a wonderful development.

Sandals Resorts, Jamaica are bringing you overwater accommodation suites ate Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica. How do I know? I read it, of course on the Caribbean Journal website. Here is the link.

I bet your wondering “Why is he pointing us to a Sandals Resort” article when Sandals are a massive company and they are competing?”

The answer is very simple; At Villas Sur Mer, we are confident in our services and our staff, we are unafraid of competition, no matter how large or with a massive reputation.

The services and amenities at Villas Sur Mer speak for themselves, we are confident that what we offer to tourists to Jamaica is of at least equal quality to that of any of the largest resorts. We are not as big but we are as good as anything Jamaica has to offer.

So, This overwater suites, they look pretty cool? Of course they do. We have our own seasideĀ cottages and villas, you should come and try them. Villas and Cottages at Negril, Jamaica.