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Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken: Photograph by Michael Chen

Jamaican Cuisine – Real Hot stuff!

So, you are coming to visit Jamaica for your vacation or even for a destination wedding and you have read up on the do’s and don’ts, where to go, what to see and more importantly, what to eat!

Oh yes! ‘What to eat’ is very important on your tick list of Jamaica information, after all, you don’t want to chow down on food that your not used to only to find out that it may be a tad too spicy for your delicate pallet.

My advice to you, if you are coming to Jamaica and really want to enjoy the real taste of Jamaica then you have to get right into the Jerk food.

“Jerk food?” Food for people who are not quite ‘at the races’ so to speak? No! ‘Jerk Food’ is a type of cuisine that is typical of Jamaica and is chicken or pork (or whatever you like) rubbed with a pungent paste that is made from Scotch Bonnet Chilli’s, fresh Limes, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Ginger and Garlic plus any variations on that theme.

It is fiery hot, deliciously spicy and very moreish, some might say even addictive. This paste is rubbed into the meat and left to marinade for a while or a bit longer and then put on a smoker or a BBQ grill and cooked until ready.

Depending on where you go, the Jerk food will vary and each place will have its own variation, that’s great, you can try loads of different places to see which you prefer, what a great excuse to over indulge!

You may also consider a shot or two of Jamaica rum to go with it, just to help it down, you understand.

OK, which place would I recommend? well, I wouldn’t, I would leave it down to people on sites like Trip Advisor to let you know where they went and what they eat, after all, you will get a variety of diverse opinions.

One place that does seem to have caught the eye is a place in Negril close to Villas Sur Mer called ‘Ossie’s Jerk Center’ (See reviews) 3 Dives also gets rave reviews on the same site (See reviews) Below is a list of other places of interest and links to their review pages. Enjoy.

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