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Ricks's cafe in Negril, Jamaica.

Rick’s Café at Negril in Jamaica

Negril: If you want to party, Rick’s Cafe is for you!

No matter where you go, what country, what city, there is always somewhere that catches the attention more than anywhere else and such places gain almost mystical status.

Places such as Floyd’s Pelican Bar of the coast by Port Elizabeth, its really just a pile of sticks and driftwood that have been nailed, tied or glued together to form some sort of place to hang out.

Even so, Floyd’s Pelican Bar probably gets more attention than the Statue of Liberty or it would seem so judging by the amount of photos, videos and articles by people who have visited Jamaica for a vacation or wedding.

Another place that has people writing and videoing (just as I ma now) is a place in Negril on the west tip of Jamaica called Rick’s Café.

The name itself is not one bit mystical or even trendy, in fact it sounds rather lame, you almost imagine an old guy with an apron dishing out coffee, tea or lemonade to visitors moaning about the heat.

Nothing could be further rom the truth, Rick’s Café swings, rocks and bops like nowhere else in Negril, it is where people come to be seen, to hang out, to enjoy music, good food and meet exotic and fashionable people (and some planks as well)

Rick’s Café has a little bit of history, it was open on the cliffs at Negril in 1974 by a chap called Richard Hersham, a time when Negril was not much more than a little fishing village with few of modern day appliances and services, such as electricity.

It has grown and flourished, having a great private cove and cliffs that offer beautiful sunsets is a bonus, also, people tend to jump off the cliffs into the crystal clear waters when the mood takes them.

People congregate together to enjoy what nature has given free, blood red sunsets, clear night skies, and plenty of food and drink although the latter is not gratis.

Ricks’s Café also boasts the only Cliffside swimming pool, true, the pool overlooks the Caribbean Sea and so you can be in the water whilst enjoying the views of, well, another bunch of water.

The food and drink are excellent and you will find people from the luxury resorts who have formed an escape committee and tunnelled out to be with the in crowd at Rick’s Café.

This is just one of the fantastic attractions to look forward to for people who are coming to stay at Villas Sur Mer at Negril but there is a lot more to see than Rick’s.

We hope you will take a look and let us know what you think, anyone with photos can send us some and we will post them on this Blog for all to see. http://www.villassurmer.com