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How to Get Around Negril – The Easy Way!

Rocky’s Tours Jamaica

Rocky’s Tours Jamaica. He’ll get you where you want to go.

OK, so you have arrived at Villas Sur Mer and you have your lovely villa, your unpacked and ready to go.

You have already sussed out where to go and what your going to do from this Blog (Ahem!) before you arrived in Negril, Jamaica, now, the thing is this; How does one get out and about in Negril?

Well, don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to get around and I will list some of them for you.

http://www.rockystaxiandtourservice.com/ is one great option if you just want to relax and let somebody else do the driving. You can go most anywhere you care to mention and with the driver being local, they can take you to all the best places.

Rocky’s Tours cater also for weddings, airport transfers, tours and anything else in between, this is an excellent option for those of us who are a bit shy behind the wheel.

Rocky’s tours will take you to The Pelican Bar, YS Water Falls, Black River Safari and many more great places. Check out Rocky’s website.

Jamaica Taxis

“Now, we can do the Scuba tour, just hang on tight sir!”

James Bond Tours? Yep! You read it right, James Bond Tours. OK, it won’t be Sea Connery or Roger Moore who do the driving but there will be someone just as cool to take you to where you want to go, be it from the Villas Sur Mer boutique resort to the airport, from bar to restaurant or on one of the many sightseeing tours that are available. Check out the James Bond website.

If you don’t fancy a trip with Mr Bond then you could hire your own car from http://vernonscarrental.com/ Vernon will give you 10 – 15% discount when you book through their own website, that sounds like an interesting offer.

Get yourself a map and a list of sights to see and your off, the staff at Villas Sur Mer will be glad to help you with this.

There are lots of ways to get about and Negril.com has listed them for you, take a look and see what is available and if you still need assistance then ask our staff and we will sort things for you. Getting about in Negril