– American Expats in Jamaica? Keep in touch the easy way.

American Expats in Jamaica

I came across a really cool website all about expatriates and Jamaica. What a strange this to be looking for, you might ask?

I was actually looking for news about ties between the United States and Jamaica, to see what people think about living away from Jamaica or away from the United States.

The Internations site is all about expats, not just American expats in Jamaica or Jamaican expats in the USA, but people from the UK in Jamaica and from all other countries.

You will always get a sizeable expat community in any civilised country and especially in a country as beautiful as Jamaica, with its blues skies and golden sands, it is what we all aspire to.

You can log in and chat with other people from your own country, there is an excellent list, with photographs of members from the USA living in Jamaica or from whichever country you come from.

The site is very easy to use and it is something that you will find a great help, for example, if you are new to Jamaica, you may seek advice on certain matters or wish to get involved in social activities or just keep up with what’s happening back home.

Give it a try, if you are living in Jamaica and want to keep up to speed with whats happening back home or you just fancy a chat.