Jamaica Photographer

OK, these technological times we live in have turned us all into budding David Baily’s, we no longer have to develop and print our photographs in chemical baths, nor do we have to wait weeks for them to arrive through the post.

We don’t even have to think to much about the camera settings, just set to auto and the technology does the rest.

In fact, we don’t even have to look good, we just use some software to brush ourselves up or Photo Shop ourselves into an exotic location we haven’t even been to, we can fake it like the true professionals.

We are ‘Too cool for School’ and can take 1000’s of photographs and save them all on the camera to take home and save to a disc or hard drive or even some remote account to store and we can even ‘Share’ them with our friends on the social media sites, websites and Blogs. So, Robert (for it is I) what are we writing about a Jamaica Photographer on this Blog for? Who needs one?

Jamaica portrait

Capturing light, colour and shade, the hallmark of a Michael Chen portrait

Jamaica photographer

Michael Chen Portrait shot.

All of the above is true, to a certain degree it is true but there is one thing the technology will not provide you with and that is the ‘art’ of taking photographs, the experience in light and shade, settings and locations, moods and feelings, this is the trade of the experienced professional photographer, they don’t take photographs, they don’t churn out endless pictures, they use their cameras as tools in an art form that turn a special occasion into long lasting memories, embellished with images of that special time.

You may think your own happy snaps are great but compare to the professional, his use of light, colour and texture and you will see the difference is massive.

Something I am always happy to do is to help promote professional skills and artists in Jamaica and on this Jamaica Villas Blog page I am more than happy to introduce you to Michael Chen Photography.

Michael Chen is a professional photographer in Jamaica who has vast experience in all forms of photography and his work is faultless this is backed up by a reputation that is as spotless as it is wide.

Please visit the website of Michael Chen Photography and you will see what wonderful work he has produced, not just destination weddings and corporate photographs and images but portraits, landscapes and models, you will see some beautiful location shots, exciting and happy celebrations and lots more.

Please follow this link to Michael Chen Photography site. For a fantastic Flash Production of Michael Chen Wedding Photographs follow this link.

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