Negril Villas in Jamaica 2020

Negril Jamaica Map 2014
Negril, situated on the far west tip of Jamaica

Negril is a small but widely dispersed beach resort town located across parts of two Jamaican parishes, Westmoreland and Hanover.

Negril is just about one hour and fifteen minutes drive from Sir Donald Sangster International Airport, in Montego Bay.

From Negril you can reach most all of the favourite tourist and cultural sites on the north coast of Jamaica, these would include Dunne’s River Falls,

Discovery Bay, Runaway bay, James Bond Beach, Blue Lagoon, The Blue Mountains and many more fantastic places.

Negril is on the far west tip of the island nation of Jamaica and as you can see from the map, close to everything you hope to see on your vacation.

There are plenty of things to see and do in Negril, from Rick’s Cafe, a place to be seen and to hang out from dusk til dawn, the beautiful Negril Lighthouse, the views from the cliffs at Negril are beautiful and the beaches are really something to behold, mind you, there are about 133 steps to climb to the top of the 66ft tower but it is well worth the vist.

Some of the beaches in the area are world wide names, such as Negril’s Seven Mile Beach, this really is a great place to walk, swim or visit the many shops bars and restaurants available along the way and again, a great place for the happy snap photos.

Other fantastic activities off the coast of Negril include deep sea fishing and snorkel diving and with the most varied sea life in the whole of the Caribbean, you are not going to be disappointed with what you see, possibly a little scared but the Barracuda are a lot nicer then they look.

If the thought of getting up close with the grim looking Barracuda is not for you then there are plenty of on-shore water activities, such as river rafting, swimming with Dolphins, river walks, canopy line zip rides and lots more in and about Negril ad the staff at Villas Sur Mer will be happy to organise trips for you.

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